5 Best Mouse Traps On The Market

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At first glance, you might think a mouse is cute and cuddly, but when they start to take over your home and show no signs of leaving, they become anything but. 

A rodent infestation is not only disgusting to deal with but can lead to serious health issues for your family, so it’s not something you want to leave to get worse.

If you’ve noticed one mouse in your house you can probably safely assume there are more hiding away, and leaving the issue will only make matters worse. 

Spending thousands of dollars on pest removal solutions from professionals it out of most people’s reach, so you need something practical and safe you can do for yourself at home.

The solution to this problem is finding the best mouse trap and putting it to work, but knowing which ones are actually effective and which are a waste of time is usually a process of trial and error. 

For this reason, we’ve made a buying guide with recommendations for the most effective mouse traps on the market so you don’t have to waste your time any further.

Finding mouse traps that work seems to have been a challenge for the average homeowner and especially with the introduction of more modern solutions for pest control. 

To make matters easier, we’ve found the five best mouse traps on the market covering all prices and types, so you can get an instant fix to your rodent problem and take control of your house again.

Top Picks for the Best Mouse Traps on the Market

Top rated mouse traps in this day and age look a lot different to those that we relied on 20 years ago, and the market for this pest removal product has certainly grown. 

We’ve been through numerous best mouse trap reviews to find those that actually work so you don’t have to, with the best traps for home no matter your preference or price range.

Our Reviews Of The Best Mouse Trap

#1 Aspectek Electronic Mouse Exterminator

Thanks to the wonders of science and technology, the best electric mouse trap is no longer some futuristic product we can only dream of. 

If you want the instant and effective power of electricity to rid your home of mice, the Aspectek Electronic Mouse Exterminator is the way to go. 

This durable plastic device requires no bait yet lures mice in to kill them instantly as soon as they enter the trap, and measures 11.4 inches long to suit all kinds of rodents and not just mice.

According to customers, the versatility of this electronic exterminator was what made it a stand out and it’s so much more than just a traditional snapping mouse trap. 

Being one of the larger electric devices on the market means it works for all kinds of rodents including mice, squirrels, and rats, and even insects like scorpions and cockroaches. 

Others usually only work on mice meaning you have to sort out your other pest problems separately so this is a very convenient one stop shop.

On the downside, you won’t find these as easy to dispose of what you’ve caught. 

They’re extremely powerful and effective with no question about whether they work, but you may have to handle the rodents yourself in order to clean them out of the trap. 

For those with a sensitive stomach, the lack of no-see disposal could be a deal-breaker for you when looking at the best mouse trap reviews.

There are still plenty of great features that the Aspectek Electronic Mouse Exterminator has to offer including a pre-baited peanut butter scent to lure rodents in, a reusable and environmentally friendly design, and a 100 percent guarantee from Aspecetek about its effectiveness. 

If you need to catch more than just mice and want the most powerful option around, the 7000V electric shock will get it done.

This large rodent exterminator from Aspectek costs around $40 from Amazon and it comes with a guarantee on its effectiveness but no official warranty. 

If you want the job done quickly and with a lot of power, this is by far the best option, and being a total pest removal product you’ll find it offers a whole lot more than most mouse traps on the market.

Technical specifications

#2 Victor Electronic Mouse Trap

Victor Electronic Mouse Trap

The best traps for mice are those that you don’t have to put much effort into, and the Victor Electronic Mouse Trap falls into that category. 

This tunnel-shaped electronic trap lures the mice inside and uses a humane high voltage shock to kill them within five seconds, with a guaranteed no escape design. 

You place the bait in, turn it on, and empty it when the job is over, so it couldn’t’ be easier to use.

What people loved most about this was that you didn’t have to see the mouse or touch it in order to get rid of it once it was killed. 

It has beveled columns that keep the animal inside and you simply flip open the lid to empty it. 

If you’re a bit hesitant about catching and killing these pests then you’ll definitely find this the best mouse trap ever.

According to reviews, the flashing lights on this device that are meant to indicate when a mouse has been caught can sometimes be faulty. 

People noticed them flashing but nothing inside which might indicate the mouse has gotten away, so don’t always expect to find something if you see the indicator light going off.

This trap uses smart circuit technology sensors and promises a 100% kill rate. It’s reusable to save you money and is capable of killing up to 100 mice per year. 

Setting it up is easy and so is disposing of anything that’s been caught, so all you have to do is put in the 4AA batteries, bait it, and let it do the rest. 

There’s a built-in safety switch so other pets and your children will be kept safe, but it should still be kept out of their reach just in case.

If you want an electronic mouse trap that will do a lot of the work for you, you can get the Victor Electric Mouse Trap for around $20 on Amazon. 

It comes with a one-year limited warranty and Victor’s guarantee that it will kill any mouse that enters it, so you never have to worry about that unpleasant task of finishing the job off yourself.

Technical specifications

#3 Ebung Electric Mouse Trap

For a powerful mouse trap and rodent exterminator that can do more than just target mice, you’ll want something effective and simple like the Ebung Electric Mouse Trap. 

This device measures around 5 x 11 inches and is designed to trap everything from mice to chipmunks and then kill them with a 7000V shock that will take care of the problem instantly.

One great thing about this mouse trap is that you don’t have to handle any dead rodents once the job has been done, so if you feel squeamish about this job then this is the solution. 

This will instantly and humanely kill anything that comes inside of it and it’s powerful enough to ensure that nothing gets away or is harmed without actually dying.

This mouse trap comes with an alarm and bright flashing light that are both meant to alert you when a mouse has been killed, but according to some of the reviews, it wasn’t that reliable in doing so.  

Some users said they’d found a rotting mouse in there after a few days with no alarm going off to let them know, so you’ll want to perform your own regular checks to make sure it’s telling you what’s happening and not leaving anything dead inside.

Other notable features of the Ebung Electric Mouse Trap include a wireless circuit sensor, the option of either A/C power or battery operation, and reusable design that can be relied on for years to come. 

It uses nothing toxic or poison and won’t harm children or other pets in the home, so you can set it up somewhere out of reach and feel totally safe about leaving it there.

The Ebung Electric Mouse Trap retails for around $40 an Amazon which is a good price considering its power. 

There’s no official warranty offered by Ebung which is a shame and for something electronic you’d expect a little more, but according to the reviews it’s worth taking a chance for. 

This is a fast and effective mouse trap that works on all kinds of rodents so you’ll get value for your money if you have plenty of vermin to take care of.

Technical specifications

#4 Snap-E Mouse Trap

Snap-E Mouse Trap-6 Pack

To go the traditional route and purchase the best snap mouse trap, the top recommendation we have is the Snap-E Mouse Trap. 

This packet of six traditional snap mouse traps get the job done without any electricity, and with a durable construction of both steel and polystyrene, they’re better at reducing odors and stains that the old style of wooden mouse traps and are durable enough to keep whatever it is securely trapped.

These are pretty fuss-free when it comes to pest control and people sometimes feel a lot safer having something like this without poisonous chemicals or electrical currents running through them, especially if there are children or animals in the house. 

They’re easy to set up and don’t require anything other than the bait to use, and in terms of money, they’re definitely the most affordable option.

On the downside, there are some things to consider that could lead you towards an electronic option. 

There sometimes might be a mess to clean up, depending on how the mouse was caught, and the fact that it might not kill the rodent instantly also needs to be considered a possibility. 

Although highly effective at trapping anything that gets stuck there, it doesn’t necessarily finish the job every time so you’ll have to put in a little more effort when compared to an electronic device.

These mouse traps come in a packet of six so you can set them up throughout your home, and they require a small piece of bait to be set up. 

With dimensions of 8 x 6 x 3 inches they’re big enough for mice and possibly small rats, so you’re getting extra value for money. 

Provided you set them up correctly and know the best baits to use, there’s no need to spend a lot on an electronic device when you have a quality snap trap like these.

The Snap-E Mouse Trap set costs just over $11 for the six traps, so it’s by far the most budget-friendly of all that we’ve reviewed. 

There’s no warranty or guarantee offered which isn’t surprising for this type of trap, but a lot of satisfied customers who were able to rid their home of mice and other small rodents just by setting up a few cleverly placed Snap-E Mouse Traps around the house.

Technical specifications

#5 Captsure Humane Mouse Trap

If you want to get rid of your mouse problem but don’t want to harm or kill them in the process, the best type of mouse trap is the Captsure Humane Mouse Trap. 

This gentle and mouse friendly trap lures the animal in and then traps it so you can let it outside, and you’ll get two durable plastic devices in each set. 

Measuring around 6.7 for the standard small and a few inches larger to upsize you can catch anything that’s roaming around the house without ever doing it any harm.

The best thing about this mouse trap is that you don’t have to feel bad about harming any animals because it’s totally gentle and not frightening for them. 

Although most of us can’t stand the thought of mice in the house we don’t always want to hurt or kill them, so this is the most humane option. 

You also don’t have to worry about kids or pets getting hurt or injured by accident so it’s totally guilt-free.

There are some downsides to consider though, and most people’s complaints have to do with the size. 

Apparently, they require a few more inches of length so as not to trap the mice or other rodent’s tails in the tube, which can end up hurting them if it happens. 

The Captsure Humane Mouse Trap was designed to work with other small critters but you’re probably only going to be satisfied with how it handles the size and shape of a mouse, so be prepared.

Other notable features include the durable plastic construction, air holes that let the mice breathe once they’re caught, and the simple release door which means you never have to come into contact with the animals just to let them go free. 

If you love all animals but still have a pest problem to deal with, everything about this mouse trap will make you happy, and it’s a totally humane approach that hasn’t really been seen before.

The Captsure Humane Mouse Trap comes with two traps in each set and varying sizes of small and large. 

For a two pack of the small traps, you’ll pay around $14 and it’s $20 for the large so they’re very affordable and easy to clean and reuse. 

To get rid of your mouse problem the humane way and without hurting any animals, these traps from Captsure are the way to go.

Technical specifications

FAQs About Mouse Traps

Mouse traps are no new invention but the modern ways they’re designed these days is certainly a lot more practical and effective

These are some frequently asked questions that people have about mouse traps and their usefulness, giving you some insight on how they work and which ones might be the best style for you.

Can Mice Learn To Avoid Traps?

According to animal experts, mice cannot learn to avoid traps because they realize what they’re being used for. 

However, there are other reasons why they might start to avoid these devices. 

The most common reason a mouse won’t go near a trap you’ve set up is that the odor of a previously dead mouse or animal is still lingering and so they know to stay away.

How Do Electric Mice Trap Work?

An electric mice trap usually features two separate mechanisms that make them useful. 

First, the mouse is trapped inside of a chamber or other space within the trap, and then a powerful high voltage electric shock is sent directly to that area which kills them instantly. 

They might also have a release apparatus that lets you empty it without having to touch the dead rodent for yourself.

What Type Of Food Is Irresistible To Mice?

Peanut Butter On Mouse Trap

Choosing the correct bait is crucial to having a successful mouse trap and there are some foods that mice tend to favor. 

Peanut butter, pet foods, seeds and nuts, chocolate and sweet candy, or soft cheese are all especially alluring to a mouse and will usually get greater success if used as bait in a mouse trap.

What Type Of Mouse Traps Is The Best?

There are a few different types of mouse traps with none being better than the other, but the ultimate choice depending on personal preference

Electric mouse traps that kill them with an electric shock, traditional snap mouse traps, and humane catch and release mouse traps are the three most popular options today.

How To Get Rid Of The Caught Mouse?

Depending on the type of mouse trap you have and whether they were caught successfully in it, you have some options for how to get rid of them. 

Most modern devices come with a release mechanism which means you don’t have to touch the mouse yourself, otherwise you should wear gloves to remove them and place them far away outside. 

Always wash your hands and the mouse trap carefully before placing it back inside.

The Solution To Your Mouse Problem

Empty Mouse Trap

Mice are an unfortunate part of home ownership that many of us have come across, and it can usually take quite a few attempts to finally rid yourself of them. 

There are obvious signs that they can leave behind like eaten food or droppings, or they can be a lot more discreet and harder to catch, making it a bigger problem than you might realize.

These days, the options have never been so vast for how to effectively trap mice and rid your home of them. 

Whether you want to take a totally humane approach with the catch and release method or would rather stop them dead in their tracks with a powerful electrical current, there are some great products out there in every category.

Any of these mouse traps we’ve reviewed will get the job done, so it’s just up to you to decide how exactly you want to do it. 

There’s no reason to suffer from mice and other rodents thanks to the efficiency of modern traps like these we’ve reviewed, so you can be done with your pest problem once and for all with just one simple product.

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